Indian Bollywood Bridal Ethnic Gold Plated Head Ornament Matha Patti with Gold Drop and Zircon


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Collections: Ethnic

Type: Head Ornaments

Gold plated ethnic head ornament matha patti with 2 side chains and one middle chain attached to the ornament with cubic zircon and drop gold bead. Limited availability. 

Metal: Alloy

Plating: 5K  (1gm) Gold

Material: Glass

Middle Ornament Width: 1.25 Inch

Middle Ornament Length: 2 Inch

Middle Chain Length: 3 Inch including fishhook

Side Multiple Chain Length: 6.5 Inch including fishhook 

 Style Tip: From exotic look to bridal wear depending on your style and occasion. Wear as shown in the picture. 

Style Personality: Antique Chic: You surround yourself with antique things that transport you in that era. You love the charm of antique things because they have a history behind them.

Ethnic Significance: " Maatha Patti " ("maatha" means head and "patti" means band) is an extension of Maang Tika (head ornament) with beaded side strings, which cover the forehead. Indian brides wear this to ward off evil and bad luck. This is also known as Damini.  


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