Sizing Guide For Bangles and Bangle Bracelets

Bangles and most Bangle Bracelets don't have a closure; they need to be slipped over the hand. So an accurate measurement is necessary for a good fit.

Bangles and Bangle Bracelets without Closures

Wrist Size


 Wrist Size


Inner Diameter


Inner Diameter


X-Small 2-2 2.125 54
Small 2-4 2.25 57.2
Medium 2-6 2.375 60.3
Large 2-8 2.5 63.5
Xlarge 2-10 2.625 66.7



Measuring a Good Fitting Bangle or Bangle Bracelet
Measure the inner diameter of a good fitting bangle or bangle bracelet you have. Compare the measurement to the above chart and determine your bangle size. This is a pretty accurate way to measure your bangle size. Still need help, Contact Us.

Measuring Your Hand
This can be used to find your bangle size, but needs to be done carefully for an accurate result. You will need a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler.

Bring your fingers together and thumb across the palm as if you were about to put on a bangle.
Measure your hand with a string or tape measure around the widest part of your hand.
Note the circumference of your hand. If you used a string measure it against a ruler. Divide it by 3.14. 
Compare the value with the inner diameter value in the chart above to determine your bangle size.
If the hand circumference measurement falls between 2 sizes then go with the larger bangle size.

Bangles and Bangle Bracelets with Closures
Even if the bangle bracelets have closures like adjustable screws or clasps and they adjust to fit all sizes, our bangle bracelets with closures or clasps come in different sizes. Some of our customers like their bangle bracelets to fit snugly around the wrist like a cuff instead of a bangle. For example a customer with size 2/4; will buy a size 2/4 without closure but might buy size 2/2 with closure  for a snug fit around the wrist. Based on the above presence choose the size you are looking for.


Average length of Bracelet is 7" that would fit a wrist size of Small to Large. Measure the circumference of your wrist,  Some bracelets are adjustable or have extension chains. Add ¾" to 1" for an ideal fit.  Use the inches of the extension chain to adjust to your wrist size.


Sizing Guide

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