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Sensational Fashion Necklaces and Pendants

Sensational fashion Necklaces and PendantsStatement Necklaces, Chokers, Elegant Pendants and Layered Necklaces, you name it and they are all a must have in your jewelry box for different occasions. Tips on wearing the right fashion necklace
• Big and bold chokers look great on long necks. Wear them with strapless dresses and tops.
• Small chokers that are ¼ or ½ “thick works best for short necks.
• A long strand of pearl or stone rope necklace works magic on an otherwise plain outfit.
• A long pendent falling just above your cleavage enhances your ample bosom. 
• A long layered necklace will add length to a short torso
• Compliment your eye color with a stone pendent for a startling effect.
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