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Exotic Fashion Armlets

Exotic Fashion Armlet

There is something very alluring about an armlet that draws your attention to the arm. Historically armlets were worn by men but became a woman’s fashion accessory in modern times. The armlet is made of metals like brass, copper, silver and gold. Giving them an antique or oxidized finish enhances its aesthetic appeal. The designs found in armlets have their roots in tribal cultures around the world. 
Before you choose an armlet keep these few tips in mind
• Armlet can add a whole lot of attitude to your sleeveless or tank tops.
• If you are conscious of your upper arm and still love to wear sleeveless tops, an armlet can draw the eye away from your arm.
• Add grace to your long slender arms by choosing an armlet that is more than 1”wide with bold designs.
• Soft and delicate designs with small beads will best suit healthy arms.
• The trendy way to wear armlet is to wear it on one arm without any bangle, bracelet or watch. Pair it with a statement ring.
• Fashion wrist cuffs are very versatile and can also be worn as armlets that fit snugly on your arm.
• Armlets are an all occasion wear from, chic to formal. Do not hesitate to wear one to add that pizzazz no matter your occasion.

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