Alluring Fashion Anklets


  Indian and Tribal Anklets

Anklets, Ankle Chains, or Ankle Bracelets have been worn since medieval periods but became very fashionable in the west during the late twentieth century. It is a most alluring piece of jewelry that adorns your body. They add daintiness to your ankles. These are a few tips for wearing fashion anklets:

• Choose delicate anklet chain with charms for healthy ankles.
• Anklet cuffs that are 1” to 3” thick enhances dainty ankles.
• Pair anklets with flip flops, high heels, flat shoes or sandals without straps around ankles.
• Perfect way to draw attention to tanned legs is anklets.
• Don’t clash anklet and shoe style. For example, metal anklets don’t gel with metallic colored shoes. Keep the shoe style simple when wearing an anklet.
•  Anklets are a very casual and chic jewelry piece


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