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Tribal Indian Gypsy Banjara Gold Tone Hammered Snake Adjustable Armlet Cuff


Size Guide

Collections: Clearance, Tribal

Type: Armlets

Tribal Indian banjara hammered finish gold tone snake adjustable armlet cuff. Limited availability.

Metal: Alloy

Width: 1.5 Inches

Diameter: 3 Inches

Resizeable: Yes

Key Features

  • Street Stylish Wear
  • Enhances your arms
  • Adjustable Armlet Cuff
  • Banjara Tribal Jewelry
  • Hand crafted in India

Style Tip: Very exotic and statement piece that will show off your slender arms. 

Style Personality: Street Stylish: You have an electric and eccentric style cause you love to stand out from the crowd. You express your energy through your fashion jewelry pieces.

Indiani Tribal Jewelry: Each tribe in India has preserved its ethnic unique style of jewelry. The unrefined look is attractive and holds a distinct rustic and earthy charm. Tribal jewelry is made of products that are available locally. The Banjara nomadic tribe from the desert of Rajasthan, India is known for its colorful heavy jewelry. Their major jewelry art work includes beautiful ornaments and belts that are embellished with shells, metal-mesh, coins, beads, and chains.

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