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Pakistani Indian Bridal Ethnic Gold Plated Payal Anklet Pair Red and Green Enamel with Soft Bells


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Collections: Ethnic

Type: Foot Ornaments

Ethnic Gold Plated Indian Pakistani payal Anklet pair with red green enamel and soft bells. Limited Availability. 

Metal: Alloy

Plating: 5kt Gold (1 gm)

Length:  10.5 Inches

Clasp: S Hook Eye

Key Features

  • Pair of anklets with soft bells
  • Twist one end of the S Hook clasp to open it.  
  • Slide S Hook in the eye at the other end of the anklet. Press firmly to close it.
  • Part of Indian Bridal Jewelry
  • Hand crafted in India  

Style Tip: Accentuates your ankles. Everyday to bridal wear. Pair it with sandals and toe rings based on your style and occasion. 

Style Personality: Antique Chic: You surround yourself with antique things that transport you in that era. You love the charm of the antique things because they have a history behind it.

Ethnic Significance: Also known as "Payal" in India, brides wear it to draw attention to and decorate their feet. Bells or chimes make a soft sound when the bride walks. Traditionally payals are worn in both feet. However ankle bracelets can be worn in one foot.


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