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Jeweled Nrcklace Scarve Turquoise Blue Cotton Silk Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Cubic Zirconia


Size Guide

Gorgeous cotton silk turquoise necklace scarve with white freshwater cultured pearl and cubic zirconia band. 8" of jeweled band is attached with 24" of scarves on each side. Limited Availability. 

Fabric: Cotton Silk

Stone: Cubic Zirconia

Pearl: Freshwater Cultured 

Scarve Length: 24 Inches

Scarve Width: 8 Inches


Key Features

  • Casual Chic Wear
  • Jeweled Necklace Scarve
  • Statement Eye Stopper Piece
  • Makes a great jewelry gift
  • Made in Thailand

Style Tip: Wear it as shown in the picture for a bold statement look.

Style Personality: Casual Chic: You are an in between type of person that doesn't believe in big, fancy or expensive clothes nor has a dull fashion style. Casual is your thing.


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