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Jeweled Necklace Scarve Cotton Silk Shaded Green with Glass Beads


Size Guide

orgeous cotton silk scarves with shades of green from light to dark. 6: of tightly woven glass beads in the middle with 24" scarves on each side. Limited Availability. 

Fabric: Cotton Silk

Material: Glass

Scarve Length: 24 Inches

Scarve Width: 6 Inches


Key Features

  • Casual Chic Wear
  • Jeweled Necklace Scarve
  • Statement Eye Stopper Piece
  • Makes a great jewelry gift
  • Made in Thailand

Style Tip: Wear it as shown in the picture for a bold statement look.

Style Personality: Casual Chic: You are an in between type of person that doesn't believe in big, fancy or expensive clothes nor has a dull fashion style. Casual is your thing.


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