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Indian Ethnic Rajwada Antique Finish Size 2.2 Diameter 2 InchesBangle Set with Freshwater Cultured Pearls


Size Guide

Collections: Royale

Type: Bangles and Bracelets

Statement Rajwada bangle set studded with tiny freshwater cultured pearls. These bangles are not openable. They pop out .25" high on the hand. Limited Availability. 

Metal: Alloy 

Plating: 5kt Gold (1 gm) 

Pearls: Freshwater Cultured

Diameter:  2 Inches

Width: o.5  Inch

Key Features

  • Ethnic Antique Wear
  • Inner Diameter 2 inches (Size 2.2)
  • Studded with Tiny Pearls
  • Part of Rajwada Royale Jewelry
  • Hand crafted in India

Style Tip: Pair it with gold plated rings and other ethnic jewelry . 

Style Personality: Antique Chic: You surround yourself with antique things that transport you in that era. You love the charm of the antique things because they have a history behind it.

Rajwada Royale Jewelry Collection: This collection is a reflection of the harmony between Mughal emperor Akhbar and his wife Jodha. Rajwada jewelry designs will take you back in history among legendary palaces, royal treasures and a fusion of cultures. These vintage designs date back to the mid-15th century.  


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