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Ethnic Bridal Pakistani Gold Plated Choker Necklace Dangle Earrings Tika Jhoomar Pearls Ruby Emerald


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Collections: Bridal

Type: Jewelry Sets

Bridal ethnic Pakistani 40% silver alloy gold plated choker necklace set with dangle earrings, maang tika(center) and jhoomar(side) in freshwater cultured pearls, simulated rubies and simulated emeralds. The necklace has an ornament in the middle which is then attached to multiple strands of pearls with emeralds and rubies in the middle. Earrings have an extension pearl strand which is attached in the hair. Limited Availability. 

Metal: 40% Silver Alloy

Plating:  18kt Gold

Stone: Simulated Ruby Simulated Emerald Cubic Zircon

Pearl: Freshwater Cultured   

Earring Width: 2.5 Inch 

Earring Length: 4.5 Inches

Pearl Strand: 5 Inches

Earring Back Finding: Lever Back

Necklace Width:  2 Inches 

Necklace Length: 10 Inches 

Necklace Clasp: Adjustable Thread Knot  

Maang Tika Width: 2 Inch 

Maang Tika Length: 2 Inches plus Pearl Strand: 4 Inches

Jhoomar Width: 2.5 Inches

Jhoomar Length: 5.5 Inches

Style Tip:  Make this piece a part of your cherished memories of that special occasion in your life. Accessorize this with other dainty jewelry that will compliment any outfit.  

Style Personality: Timeless Classic: You adore beautiful things and know when to accessorize with just one classic jewelry piece. You wear your fashion jewelry style and not the other way round.

Mughal Royale Jewelry Collection: This collection is a revival of the vintage designs from the royal treasures of the Mughal Empire. Mughal jewelry is a fusion of Indian intricacy and Middle Eastern elegance. Their exquisite jewelry was famous for its motif designs, ornate patterns and imperial look emphasizing on heavy stone work and elaborate enameling.

Ethnic Significance: "Jhoomar" means side ornament for the head. Traditionally worn by brides for extra good luck for their marriage. Today it is fashionably worn as as head or waist ornament.

Ethnic Significance: "Maang Tika" is the Indian name for this head ornament. Indian brides wear this to ward off evil and bad luck. Traditionally it is worn in the middle parting (maang).

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