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Gypsy Kuchi Embroidered Fabric Head Band with Mirrors, Lapis Lazuli and Metal Ornaments Tribal Style


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Collections: Tribal

Type: Head Ornaments

Gypsy Kuchi neck and head band in embroidered fabric sewn with tiny pearls and glass seed beads and medallions at the end. Metal ornaments hang on one edge which are studded with Lapis Lazuli. 2.5" is the width of the head band plus 3" of metal ornaments. 4" of thread is attached on each side.  Limited availability.

Metal: Alloy

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Material: Glass and Pearl

Width: 2.5 Inches

Length: 10 Inches

Key Features

  • Street Stylish Wear 
  • 4" string on either side of head band
  • Kuchi Tribal Jewelry
  • Hand crafted in Afghanistan
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

Style Tip: This head band is worn on the head as shown. This is a statement and an eye stopper piece.

Style Personality: Street Stylish: You have an electric and eccentric style cause you love to stand out from the crowd. You express your energy through your fashion jewelry pieces.

Kuchi Tribal Jewelry: The Kuchis are a nomadic group of people living and travelling throughout Central Asia for centuries. Kuchi jewelry is renowned for its vibrant energy, exuberant designs, and flamboyant spirit. These pieces are handmade by artisans who add their own flavor so no two pieces are the exact. All pieces used in Kuchi jewelry have a rustic ancient look to create antique reproduction pieces. Metals used have a matte or hammered finish and stones have rough surfaces with natural impressions..

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