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Turkish Tribal Zamak Statement Stretchable Silver Tone Engraved Cuff Bracelet Christmas Jewelry


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Collections: Clearance, Tribal

Type: Bangles and Bracelets

Stretchable Zamak cuff bracelet in engraved silver tone with antique finish that reflects Turkish tribal jewelry. Limited Availability.

Metal: Alloy

Width: 2 Inches

Resizable: Yes

Style Tip:  This is a statement piece. Pair it with dainty accessories.

Style Personality: Street Stylish: You have an electric and eccentric style cause you love to stand out from the crowd. You express your energy through your fashion jewelry pieces.

Turkish Tribal Jewelry: Turkey has been the crossroad that connects eastern and western civilizations. Turkish Tribal jewelry reflects 2000 years of cross cultural absorption of various arts and jewelry making techniques. They reflect the fusion of nomadic cultures of Central Asia, Africa and East Europe like the Gypsies and Berbers ethnic tribes. Turkish Tribal jewelry has been inspired by the unique indigenous cultures that developed in this area as well as the cultures that flowed through this region. Today Turkish Tribal jewelry is popularly made in Zamak (Zamac) alloy which is made of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper.



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