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Ethnic Indian Bollywood Rajwada Bajuband Armlet Green Enamel Kundan and Drop Red Stone


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Collections: Royale

Type: Armlets

Gorgeous gold plated ethnic Indian rajwada armlet bajuband in green enamel, white kundan stone and drop red glass stone. A pearl tassel hangs at the end of the thread knot. Limited Availability.

Metal: Alloy

Plating: 5kt Gold (1 gm)

Stone: Cubic Zirconia

Material: Glass

Length:  6 Inches

Width: 2 Inch

Clasp Type: Thread Knot

Key Features

  • Exotic Ethnic Wear
  • Part of our Rajwada Royale Jewelry Collection
  • 8" ornament plus adjustable thread knot
  • Part of Indian Bridal Jewelry
  • Hand crafted in India

Style Tip: Wear it to accentuate your arms. Pair it with other ethnic jewelry.

Style Personality: Antique Chic: You surround yourself with antique things that transport you in that era. You love the charm of the antique things because they have a history behind it.

Ethnic Significance: Armlet means "Bajuband" where in "baju" means arm. This is given to the bride by her sister in law on behalf of her brother (the groom) to protect the bride for the rest of her life.

Rajwada Royale Jewelry Collection: This collection is a reflection of the harmony between Mughal emperor Akbar and his wife Jodha. Rajwada jewelry designs will take you back in history among legendary palaces, royal treasures and a fusion of cultures. These vintage designs date back to the mid-15th century.

 History of Kundan Jewelry: This is the oldest art of jewelry making originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan in India during the Mughal era. Gold foil is inserted between carefully cut and polished multicolored gemstones or glass stones and its mount to create elaborate pieces. Meenakari (Enameling) is added to the piece to enhance its beauty. Kundan stones are uncut gemstones or glass stones.



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