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Queen Padmavati Bridal Rajasthani White Kundan Nose Ring with Chain


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Collections: Bridal, Padmavati

Type: Nose Rings

Bridal Padmavati nose ring in white kundan stone with chain. Nose doesnt have to be pierced. Open the screw to wear it and gently tighten it. Limited Availability. 

Metal: 60% Silver Alloy 

Plating: 18kt Gold

Material: Glass

Length:  7 Inches chain with fish hook

Diameter: 1.5 Inches  

    Style Tip: Make this piece a part of your cherished memories of that special occasion in your life. Accessorize this with other dainty jewelry that will compliment any outfit. 

    Style Personality: Timeless Classic: You adore beautiful things and know when to accessorize with just one classic jewelry piece. You wear your fashion jewelry style and not the other way round.  

    Ethnic Significance: Nose Ring is also known as “Naath” it signifies a woman’s innocence and purity at the time of marriage. Traditionally Naath is not worn after marriage but today it is worn as a fashion statement. 

    Padmavati Jewelry: The Padmavati Jewelry Collection is inspired from a rich history of over 5000 years old. It brings the beauty, grace and pride of the Rajputana era back to life.  The jewelry has been derived from the architectural details of Rajasthani palace windows and jharokhas.  


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