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Bridal Indian Ethnic Gold Plated Nose Ring with White Stone and Long Gold Chain with Pearls


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Gorgeous gold plated ethnic bridal nose ring with white cubic zircon stone, drop pearl, and long gold and pearl chain. Limited availability. 

Metal: Alloy  

Plating: 5kt(1gm) Gold 

Stone: Cubic Zirconia

Material: Pearl and Glass

Diameter: 1.5 Inch

Chain Length: 8 Inch plus fish hook 

 Style Tip: Very traditional ethnic Indian nose ring that can be paired with other traditional accessories.  

Style Personality: Antique Chic: You surround yourself with antique things that transport you in that era. You love the charm of the antique things because they have a history behind it. 

Ethnic Significance: Nose Ring is also known as “Naath” it signifies a woman’s innocence and purity at the time of marriage. Traditionally Naath is not worn after marriage but today it is worn as a fashion statement. 



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